Being a Teenager Is Harder than Ever

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Growing up is supposed to be exciting, but it just seems frightening.

In just a few years, your kid will be an adult with adult responsibilities, which seems impossible.

It’s scary to think he’ll be on their own and making his own decisions. You’re afraid they’re not ready.

Your kid barely gets out of bed for school and is constantly “sick” with anxiety.

The same boy who would eat cereal every meal of the day will soon be driving on highways!

The constant arguing is taking its toll on your family.

Your daughter seems to have an allergic response to responsibility.

No matter if you prod, poke, or yell, she gives you a slow glassy stare from her online chats.

The simplest chores cause constant arguing.

She’s begun isolating herself in her room, and you worry because she’s vulnerable to dangerous influences.

Give your teen the tools to succeed.

Teens need someone to talk to who isn’t in the family.

This is a crucial time for them to have the support of someone who cares and knows how to listen.

Give your teen a skilled professional who can provide gentle guidance and impartial support.

I’ve dedicated my practice to helping young adults gain their needed skills.

Uncover your teen’s unique strengths.

In a safe space, we’ll hone the skills that prepare them to move into adulthood.

We’ll use strengths-based techniques to harness their innate capabilities and improve their confidence.

The skills they learn in our sessions will support them throughout their personal and professional life.

Growing up doesn’t have to be scary. It can be exhilarating and even fun!

Seize the moment.

The changes your teen is experiencing come fast and furious at this time in their life.

Give your teen the tools to thrive.

The support you give them now affects the trajectory of their lives for years to come.

Don’t wait.

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