Online Therapy

1965051802Here’s an alternative to in-person therapy.

Online therapy makes therapy accessible and convenient if you cannot get to the office. You are no longer limited to working with a therapist because they are physically close to you. You can focus entirely on working with a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and who is a better fit.

Distance is no longer a problem with online therapy. I have licenses in all three states up and down the West Coast, and distance is no longer a barrier for us to work together!

Online therapy is available even if you live close to my office but don’t want to deal with traffic and parking. You can schedule an appointment in the middle of your workday. All you need to do is carve out approximately one hour for our work together.

Rather than spending additional time driving to and from a session and looking for a place to park, working online removes these unnecessary hassles.

Online therapy is convenient.

Working online means picking a spot and time that suits your busy schedule. I’ve had many clients log in from their offices during a break in their workday.

The requirements are minimal. All you need is a private place, such as a room to yourself, perhaps a door you can lock, and the ability to turn off distractions such as messages, phone calls, text, Slack, Teams, and other ways of receiving messages at work.

You will need an hour for our session, a reliable Internet connection, or a smart device with a camera. Online therapy can work beautifully for you on any of these devices.

Online therapy is always an option if there is another pandemic surge or a temporary need to avoid physical proximity. We can easily transition to an online meeting if you are out of town but want to keep your appointment. If there’s snow and the snowplow hasn’t cleared the streets, or if there are other barriers to driving, we can switch to an online appointment in minutes.

1831704643Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Regardless of meeting online or in person, therapy works the same way.

Therapy is about our relationship and collaboration. I’ve had many online clients who have successfully met their therapy goals and gotten what they needed from therapy. I’ve had other clients who have done a combination of in-person and online, depending on their schedules.

Either choice is practical and allows you to fit in therapy with the rest of your life and schedule.

Not sure?

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