2059662383Life seems filled with darkness.

At this moment, you feel like the world has become a dark, constricted tunnel – causing the light to fade or disappear entirely. There seem to be no options other than trying to endure, put up with it, or continue running to stay one step ahead of the pain.

Living like this is exhausting and impossible to continue because the way you feel saps your energy, which is not getting renewed. Trying to get to the root of the problem and thinking in circles as you seek a solution doesn’t work – and is getting you nowhere.

Life now seems like a heavy burden, causing fatigue, a sense of being lost, and numbing emotional pain. You keep trying to escape the bad feelings and dark thoughts, but that doesn’t work either. At this moment, it’s like you are burning up and freezing simultaneously. These feelings are signs of depression.

Overcoming depression requires help.

If you continue as you have been and don’t get help for your depression, you run the risk of your brain continuing to trick you into thinking that you have no options.

Even now, you may think about ending it all to escape how painful and pointless it seems. You may think there is nothing else to do. But ending it all is NOT the answer.

There is a better way – I know this to be absolutely and unshakably true.

We can work together to find a better way. My role will be to sit with you and acknowledge the actual pain you feel while helping you find ways to feel better, rework your thinking, and realign your relationship to your emotions and experience so that you don’t have to be stuck.

Where you see nothing but pain, inability, and purposelessness, I see hope and a profound call for significant, lasting, and meaningful change.

We ”… must wrestle till the dark centre,
That is shut up close, break open,
And the spark lying therein kindle”
– Jacob Boehme, On True Resignation


696109582What you are going through is important and real…

…but not what you think it is. Depression narrows your vision so that you don’t have a perspective on yourself or your life when you are in the thick of it.

Gaining a new perspective is where I come into the picture; I will help you think and feel through this based on strengths and abilities you don’t currently feel, but I can see.

You can emerge from this experience with a new sense of yourself and a new perspective on life. And you will have the tools to dismantle the disturbing thoughts or experiences if they occur again.

You don’t have to stay stuck, and you don’t have to suffer forever. You can love life, breathe freely, and feel purpose and meaning again.

Let’s find a way through and out of your depression.

Don’t let the hopelessness of depression keep you from living your beautiful, imperfect wonderful life.

We can work together to identify what is creating your feelings and then find ways to recognize your uniqueness and depth informed by all your feelings, helping you get unstuck and back into the flow of life again.

Let’s talk and start working on you, beginning a new chapter that recognizes the wisdom of all your emotions and experiences, allowing you to breathe and move with greater ease through all the light and darkness of life. It’s time to gain a new perspective.