There is life beyond suffering!

Dismantle the barriers to your True Self

Individual Therapy In-Person in Olympia
and Online throughout Washington, Oregon, and California

Daily life has become overwhelming.

Unhappiness is pressing in on you from all sides.

Dark thoughts keep plaguing you. You don’t want them but don’t know how to stop them.

You can’t stand this pressure any longer. You just want to escape, but there’s nowhere to go.

Everyone else seems to be doing okay.

Other people appear to like themselves, but you can’t stand yourself.

You know that you should love yourself; however, you just don’t feel that way.

Why can’t I be normal? You wonder. Why do I have these problems when no one else does?

These issues have begun to isolate you from others.

You’ve become so overwhelmed by worry that you can’t keep from snapping at your loved ones.

Living constantly on edge is cutting you off from your friends and family.

The disconnection from yourself and others is getting bigger and bigger, and there is no one to talk to about it.

You’ve tried to make it work, but it’s no use.

Ignoring it, working harder at it, smiling through it, distracting yourself from it with activities. Nothing seems to work.

Trying to think your way out of it by digging to the bottom of these issues yourself just leaves you spiraling out of control.

Therapy was no help when you tried it before. You need to do more. You need to try something new!

It feels like you are out of options.

Being alone with yourself has become unbearable. The things that once brought you joy now feel tedious and irrelevant.

When people tell you you’re doing okay, you don’t believe them. You don’t even believe in yourself anymore.

No matter what you do, you just keep failing. You are desperate, and everything feels hopeless.

There is a way forward.

Your greatest fear is the doorway to your greatest strength.

The answers you’re looking for are already within you.

You only need to learn to recognize the wisdom and strength within.

You can experience healing and live a life you truly love.

Hi, I’m Anne.

And I know how to listen deeply to your experiences and help lead you to your inner strengths and resources.

Together, we will guide you to your unique wisdom. We can free you from your spiraling negative thoughts and self-doubt by dismantling the roadblocks of anxiety, depression, fear, and painful memories.

Soon, you will begin to feel reenergized, hopeful, and more accepting of yourself and others. When difficult challenges arise, you will have the skills to respond thoughtfully and easily.

It’s time to heal your life, your relationships, and yourself.

You have the power to heal.

Being centered, sure, confident, and full of love for yourself
and your life is possible.

Disentangle from the barriers and live the life that
you truly desire.

Let me walk with you on this journey to health,
balance, and connection.