1922876681Life is one worry after another.

As you wait for a disaster to happen, you remain in a state of constant worry with a sick feeling in your stomach that won’t go away. The dread is always there because you know that disaster will happen soon if you don’t take care of everything right now.

Planning for every possible mishap seems impossible. Therefore, you have a backup plan for a backup plan and map out every possibility, thinking that things will be ok.

But all that planning takes up so much time, and it’s getting exhausting and making you feel even more wound up and stressed out. As a result, it seems impossible to do all that planning because more and more things could go wrong.

What you feel is anxiety.

Anxiety is a never-ending cycle of worry.

Suppose you don’t interrupt the cycle of worry and obsessive planning and decide to sweep that worry under the rug. In that case, more fear and excessive planning will continue to become an endless feedback loop that squeezes tighter until you cannot breathe properly.

In response to the anxiety, your body and muscles constrict as your mind’s worries continue. You will feel tightness and unpleasant tingling, and you can begin to have increasing numbers of panic attacks.

Your mind starts to close down so that all it sees is fear and impending doom; you can no longer even sense that there are many other options and ways to be and live fully. It’s impossible ever to relax. You wonder, “What do I do?”

1972130954Seeking the right help is the best solution.

While working with me, I will help you learn to practice other ways to respond to those fears, pain, and distress. It’s time to break the cycle and find a different response method because worrying isn’t working for you.

There is a calm and peaceful place in the middle of your thicket of worries. The swirling thoughts keep you unaware of that place, but it’s there.

Beyond the deep, seemingly endless fear, you have compassion, joy, love, confidence, and wisdom. And, there can be deep relaxation. I will show you how to access all these aspects of yourself; the worries don’t have to control you and your life.

You can put those worries in their place and choose how they will inform you, allowing you to think about and experience life beyond them. You are more capable than you think, and I know how to show you that capability.

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