Therapy for Teenagers

1856678434Kids these days…

…are so sensitive, honest, raw, and often completely overwhelmed by how the world is and their entry into it. Teenagers sometimes wonder, “Why bother getting out of bed in time for school when the world is falling apart?”

There are many things to worry about: climate change, the economy, disease, capitalism, identity discrimination, and violence. How are you supposed to deal with this mess that the older generation has left you?

On a personal level, kids feel challenged by trying to figure out how to date people; get a girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner; deal with sex and relationships, gender stuff, sexuality stuff, body stuff; school pressure; and friends’ drama.

Then there is a ton of pressure about being perfect on social media and being perfect IRL, too.

There are big questions about the future. “What kind of job am I going to get, what do I want to do, who am I?”

The additive stress can be too much, making teens think that it would be much easier to get high or hang out with like-minded friends and decide not to deal with any of these issues.

Copping out doesn’t work.

Either the anxiety, depression, or both won’t let the worrying stop, those friends turn out not to be so good, or the drugs cause more problems than they solve.

In addition, the parents keep bugging you, it’s hard to find a job when you are a kid, and you know you aren’t ready to take care of yourself yet completely. So, you are stuck.

Perhaps, you should consider an alternative solution – like seeking help from an objective source.

1199979157Providing help is where I come into the picture.

The truth? There is no way out but to drive through the problems you face as a teenager. The good news is, however, that you can do this! You can grow and learn and figure this out. I mean it.

Finding time to figure things out might be more fun and interesting than you think. My role is to help you deal with all the issues you face. Don’t worry – you set the pace in alignment with your personality.

You don’t have to do this like anyone else; you can be yourself. Even if you don’t know who that is right now, you can experiment with many different selves to find out which one fits.

You can do this; I am here to help. And the world will be better for it because it needs you, the real you. Let’s talk about these issues and find some solutions.