Group Therapy

267936413Why go it alone?

The best thing about group therapy is being with people experiencing similar healing goals.

Sometimes, combining individual and group therapy can supercharge your growth and healing.

It can be an amazing and life-changing experience to know and feel that others are feeling what you are feeling!

Learning to relate to others who experience the same loneliness, isolation, pain, and fear can change how you view your life.

Gaining feedback from others can help you grow.

Group therapy allows you not just to explore your thoughts and feelings, but also to help others and give in ways you may never have had an opportunity to do.

You can get feedback or new perspectives from peers in ways you may have never been able to do with friends, family, or other relationships you have outside therapy.

779396488Group therapy can also be a healing experience in itself.

Groups can give you an opportunity to practice what you are learning in individual therapy in a contained environment.

At different times, I offer groups focused on social skills for teens and adults, groups for adults dealing with life changes, and support groups for healing arts professionals.

For more information on groups, please give me a call at (360) 287-4391.